Liberation The Remedy 10ml

Liberation The Remedy 10ml

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The remedy allows us to more easily address conceptual, spiritual, karmic, existential and environmental issues. When we are no longer overwhelmed by burdens, we have more inner resources available to invest in what we want.


This vibrational elixir gives us the space and balance to deal with our problems, protecting us from some of the extreme external fluctuations of everyday life. In addition, it removes residual memories from the body, bringing to the surface long-forgotten experiences stored in the subconscious and cellular memory.


Liberation helps us to resolve the unfinished business and scenarios we have buried in the past. It also allows us to process memories that we normally face only at the brink of death, often with dread, when our whole life flashes before our eyes. With the help of Liberation, we can methodically deal with all the accumulated memories, at our own pace.


If we go through this process in advance, we have a chance to rise above the wave of dissolution that is about to engulf us; otherwise, we will surely be crushed by the weight of our collective memories.


This remedy unlinks the memories stored in our body and the emotions that helped block them: we experience them again for a moment, after which they are released from the body. As a result, we become stronger and more grounded because we have at our disposal the energy previously used to hold those memories, as well as the energy of the memories themselves.


This means more power of concentration, less energy loss and greater openness, as we will no longer have to protect our wounds; thus we can become who we want to be and are in reality, without hiding from our own sufferings.


When the boat is about to sink, we have to throw overboard as much luggage as possible to face the storm, to float easily on the surface of the water and let the waves carry us. This is exactly what Liberation does.


You will find the description of the ingredients of Liberation as well as the alchemical process used to create it in the FORMULA section.



We make no medical claims with this vibrational essence. Effects vary from person to person and occur at energy levels primarily, naturally creating changes in the physical body.

For people over 21 years of age only.

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Liberation is an alchemized vibrational essence composed of vibrational frequencies enhanced by: Navaratna, Chungit, Panch Agni, Kunjika Mantra, Royal Jelly, Jupiter Light, Protea Flower Essence, Reishi Mushroom.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Alcohol used as a preservative to extend shelf life, Vibrational Essences (mentioned above).

Contents: 10ml bottle of Liberation.

If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts about a month.


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