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In various religious and mystical traditions, Archangel Metatron is a prominent figure associated with significant roles and responsibilities. Here are some key points about Archangel Metatron:

Name and Origins: Metatron’s name is derived from Greek and means “beyond the angels” or “one who serves behind the throne.” In Hebrew, his name is מֶטָטְרוֹן, which is typically transliterated as Metatron.

Status and Hierarchy: Metatron is considered one of the highest-ranking angels, often referred to as the “Angel of the Presence” or “Angel of the Covenant.” In some traditions, he is identified as Enoch, the biblical figure who was taken up to heaven and transformed into an angelic being.

Scribe of Heaven: Metatron is believed to be the celestial scribe who records all the deeds of humanity, acting as a heavenly librarian and keeper of the divine archives.

Intermediary: He serves as a mediator between the divine and human realms, conveying divine messages and teachings to the earthly realm.

Kabbalistic Significance: Metatron plays a significant role in Jewish mysticism (Kabbalah). He is associated with the sefirot (divine emanations) and is often described as the embodiment of the sefirah “Keter” (Crown), representing the highest aspect of God’s divine presence.

Transformation and Immortality: According to some traditions, Metatron was once a human prophet named Enoch, who ascended to heaven and was transformed into an angel with immortality.

Guardian and Protector: Metatron is seen as a guardian and protector of children, offering guidance and safeguarding their souls.

It is essential to note that beliefs and interpretations about angels, including Metatron, can vary across different religious and cultural contexts. The information provided here encompasses some common aspects found in various traditions but might not cover all beliefs associated with Archangel Metatron.

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